Monday, 14 July 2008

Menu Planning Day

This morning has begun with the trying situation of having no water. The man at the water company said it might take as long as four hours to fix....once they find the problem *sigh*. Thankfully there was a little bit of water in the caravan tank, so I have about a litre and I've asked dh to bring a 5 litre container from work with water in it. I'm starting to think a water tank might just be a fabulous idea! Town water is obviously unreliable!

Lucky him, he got a shower....I didn't :(

On to equally important things like feeding the family this week! Today is Bastille Day, so we'll be eating something with a French feel for dinner.

Monday: Pan Fried Chicken with mushroom cream sauce, hassleback potatoes & green beans (plus some other vegies I think!)
Tuesday: Honey Soy Chicken with stir fried vegies & brown rice
Wednesday: Ricotta herb fritters
Thursday: Pasta with creamy bacon & mushroom sauce
Friday: Hamburgers
Saturday: Lasagna
Sunday: Homemade pizza: mushroom & pineapple, and potato, onion & garlic

Hopefully my water situation will have been resolved by lunch time. We have some friends coming for lunch. We'll be having Chinese Corn Soup & Steamed Pork Buns. On Wednesday Miss Sunshine has a friend from school coming and we'll have calzones for lunch that day. In between, it'll be sandwiches on homemade bread or steamed dim sims out of the freezer.


Rel said...

Vive la France!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

The pan fried chicken with mushroom cream sauce sounds wonderful! If you ever get a chance to post the recipe, you'd make my husband a very happy man!

fmll said...

Yum! There was a week recently where all I wanted to eat was steamed dim sims, so that's all I ate!

Tracy said...

LOL Fmll....that's all? I like them well enough, but not quite that much! You're funny!

LH Housewife, I will certainly post the recipe but I have to warn you, it's one I made up and so the amounts will be dash of this, dollop of that kind of quantities!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

That's fine with me. I've been reading Jamie Oliver recipes lately, and he's very much "two large handfuls of this," "a good-sized chunk of that." Bring it on!

Dianne said...


So sorry that you are having water problems. I hope that they are resolved soon. It is really hard to be without water.

I've experienced that and it is very trying.

Your menu sounds delicious and your making me hungry just thinking about it.

It's good to be back talking with friends in blog land again.