Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"Embrace Me" by Lisa Samson

What is it about?

Valentine is a woman scarred from an injury and part of a human Marvels & Oddities show that tours through the year, except for winter. Whilst she is talented in beaded jewelery making and has a soft and caring heart, she seems to feel that the only way for her to earn a living is to exploit her deformity. Drew is a highly successful, very shallow Pastor of a mega church. However, his dysfunctional childhood, his mother's death and his need for his father's approval have sent him down a path of seeking self importance. Augustine is a tattooed monk who cares for those that come across his path.

What I thought:

Lisa Samson writes compellingly. This book is written in the first person with each of the main characters taking the next chapter. I struggled with this style for the first quarter to third of the book. However, once I got my mind around it all I was hooked and glad I persisted. I was dismayed at the idea of people allowing themselves to be exploited based on their oddities. The idea, to me, is abhorrent. And yet, Valentine feels that this is her only course of action for a very long time. Each of the characters, in their own way, is seeking unconditional love, healing and a way forward beyond all that they've been through. Lisa took each character through to a place in their lives where they could face their past and conquer the battles they each faced.

The book contained surprises I didn't see coming ~ probably because I was too engrossed in the tale being woven! Certainly from the middle of the book onwards I found this one hard to put down. I wanted to see how things were resolved for each person!

I found this a challenging read and probably not one I would go for if I wanted 'nice' or 'easy'. However, the themes of searching for unconditional love and healing of wounded hearts are worthwhile and Lisa explores these with raw reality. The resolutions for each character are realistic and not contrived or unbelievable, leaving the reader with a sense of hope that situations can improve.


Dianne said...

I enjoyed reading your book report on "Embrace me". You write very well Tracy and what you have written would make me want to go out and read this book but I have to admit that I am a book lover and don't need much convincing to read any book though I don't always like some and wouldn't read another one if I didn't like how the writer wrote the first one.

I own tons of books and am working my way through reading all of them but keep adding to the bunch so I don't know if I'll ever get them all read.

My taste in books varies as well. I love Historical Fiction as well as Mysteries and Gothic Romantic Mysteries and good commentaries and educational books on the scriptures and devotional books.

I have my favorite authors and usually once I find one I like, I will read everything they write...another reason I may never get caught up on my reading but I usually devour a book a week.


Tracy said...

You sound very similar to me Dianne. I tend not to have time to re-read books anymore. But I lend them to my parents and a couple of friends...and my girls will get to the age where they will be allowed to pick anything they want from the shelf too. So to me, it's worth buying and keeping them.

I've read a few of Lisa Samson's books now. I love the themes of her novels, it's just the style of each chapter being a different person that throws me for a bit. Whenever I have read books written like this (not just Lisa's) it takes me a bit to get my head around but the persistence is always so worth it.

Rel said...

Tracy, my girl! You need to be doing some guest reviews for me - fantastic :)

Seriously, are you interested?????

Tracy said...

Now that I've dipped my toe in and not embarrassed myself completely, I would be interested. I'll have a chat with you on Friday night about it eh?

April said...

Tracy, Thanks for sharing about this book. I have not even heard of it, but am very interested in reading it now. You gave a very thorough review for us!

Hope your week starts off well.
April :0)

Rel said...

Ooooo....we have a lot of things to talk about on Friday!!!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks April. The start to the week has been pretty good :)

Yes Rel...lots ;-)