Wednesday, 30 July 2008


When I opened Miss Mischief's curtain on Monday morning this was the sight that greeted me. I had always looked at the neighbour's trees and wondered if they would hit the house if they fell over. Now we know. They would only get as far as damaging the fence.

Miss Sunshine's reaction was "WHOA. Don't worry Mum, it didn't hit the lemon tree". My first thought was "I'm glad we didn't have vegies in the garden right now" LOL. That's where it would be, if it were summer.

I noticed yesterday that there was a man wandering about on the other side of the fence looking at what had happened, so hopefully now that they know, it will get taken care of. The neighbours back there are commercial nursery growers and have a huge property so it didn't surprise me that it took a bit for them to notice.

And for those of you naysayers, see, Melbourne DOES get sunshine in winter. Brilliant, beautiful sunshine....albeit with no warmth. It must have been at least 0C this morning around here, given the frost.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh goodness, what a big tree. Hope the fence is mended soon.

marjorie said...

That is a tree! I hope the fence is fixed quickly. Wish our winters were as warm as 0C.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Wow! What a way to start the week! I hope the neighbors will pay for your fence. Out of curiosity, was there a big storm, or did the tree just fall?

April said...

Hi Tracy! You have received a blog award! Come visit my blog when you have a minute to pick it up!
April :0)

Anonymous said...

Woa, what happened there?? Will you be able to saw up the tree and store it for future firewood? (frugal or what??)

love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

No, it just fell. There was no wind much until two days later!

The neighbour popped in and has organised someone to remove the tree and will look at getting the fence repaired when he returns from two weeks' holiday.