Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Today's Pin Prickling Excitement

Finally, yesterday, whilst I was on a bit of a journey round the 'burbs to do some shopping (the kids were at Holiday Club at our church for the morning), I found a quilt shop that sells the woolen quilt batting that I had been searching for. So my task this baste the 3 layers together! I'll have to do it in spurts because it's a tad hard on the ol' knees and ankles!

I can't wait to sit under this cosy warm flannel quilt whilst doing the actual quilting. I have the cotton and the frame all set to go. Tomorrow while the kids are at Holiday Club I'll go to my regular sewing circle morning and pick up the needles I require....and there will be no stopping me!

A warm quilt of my own to snuggle under whilst watching telly on this bitter chilly nights. I won't be sharing this one!!!!!


Anonymous said...
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fmll said...

Look beautiful Tracy! On my life long 'to do' list is to sew a quilt.

Tracy said...

I love the colors in this. Is it very large? It's difficult to tell in the photo.

Terri said...

It looks beautiful. Do you do all your quilting by hand?

Caroline said...

Beautiful quilt! The wool batting will make it especially cozy!

Tracy said...

Fmll, this is a very easy peasy quilt...just squares to put together. No fancy piecing work.

Tracy, it's about 2m long. So less than a single bed size, but perfect as a knee rug. How old does that make me sound? LOL.

Terri, I machine piece, usually. I started one with hand sewing and figured my sewing looked so much like the machine that it wasn't worth the time. I'm too impatient!

Thank you all for your kind comments :)