Friday, 14 March 2008

Just so you know...

I don't enjoy summer. As of 90 minutes ago it was 38.3C in Melbourne. It's 30C inside my house. I know I should be glad it's cooler inside, but quite frankly I'm melting. And I'm surprised it hasn't rained. I watered my vegies this morning. It always rains after I've watered LOL.

I stopped by Safeway after school and picked up a cooked chook and we'll have that with salad ~ no cooking. Since dh was with us we also bought ice cream. A never-to-be-bought item, normally. But the heat melted my brain and I succumbed! This is why dh is such a great sales man. He convinces people to spend money. I told him after 20 years I should have become immune to his ways, but again....I'm blaming the heat. We're both off the hook that way!

The bright spot? I have book club tonight, and the venue is in a friend's home...who has cooling. Am I hanging out to get there, or what?! I'm not planning to come home til midnight. Maybe. If it's cool enough to step outside! Just kidding. I will come home, but I'll enjoy the cool while I can!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you today. It's too hot! I've just posted about the heat too.

I loved reading your autobiograpy. My cousins lived for years in PNG and we also had friends in our Sydney church who were missionaries there for many years (Bible translaters with Wycliffe).


Tracy said...

The family that were there for six months have ended up working with Wycliffe.

I'm off to read your post and commiserate with you while we melt away together!

Tracy said...

I'm not a summer person either. Spring or Autumn. That's me. I bought ice cream last night too, although it's still technically winter here. It was 74 F. Much to warm for winter!

Anonymous said...

Phew!! I would just fall apart in those kinds of temps! It was a mild Sprind day here (10c) lol!

(how in the world did you get your ice cream home without it melting immediately??)

Love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

This is the horrible thing ~ it IS autumn!!!!

Tina, we only live 2 minutes drive from the end of the main street in our town, and thankfully both our cars have air conditioning. So it wasn't hard at all. Had we been 'down the hill' I wouldn't have bought the ice cream to come home.