Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mr Busy's Little Friends

The other night Dh came home with an ice cream container. Wow...the kids thought they'd died and gone to Heaven. Ice cream in our house is a very rare treat. But no, it was not ice cream. Instead, the plastic box contained three little pot plants! The guy who does deliveries for us has these little beauties growing at his place and he happened to think that one little boy might find them to be a fascinating adventure! Mr Busy thinks they're marvellous and wants to know when we can catch some flies to feed them. Hmmmmmm. Fortunately our trusty rusty internet search has told us they do well with water, air and soil between carnivorous treats!

Venus Fly Traps. Now there's my kind of pet! They kinda take care of themselves so long as you keep them wet. I hope they don't die of starvation. Although since we're coming into summer I would imagine they'll find plenty of flies to eat. Last year they'd have been feasting on the plague well and truly by now!

What more could a little boy want. I imagine Show & Tell will be very exciting next week when we're back at school.

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Belovedgoddess said...

I need one of those right now, have a fly bugging me. I'm not going to resort to sprays.