Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Racin' Forward....Lookin' Back

Such a late hour in the day to be posting! My girlie whirlies were at a school sports day, so I had offered to tag along and make myself useful. My girls' House won....by one point! WOOHOO, go Yellow! Miss Sunshine shone her way through the day despite having sprained her ankle last Thursday. Miss Mischief is more like me I guess...but her triple jump record from last year remains intact.


For those fellow bookworms who stop by, my review for "Lookin' Back, Texas" by Leanna Ellis is now posted at Relz Reviewz. Rel has a give away both both US and Aussie readers. Since I don't have to compete to get a copy of the book, I can enthusiastically recommend you go to the link and post a comment. Make sure you tell Rel about a quirk you have and state if you're a US or AUS reader to be in the draw. Lucky for me I don't have to reveal any of my quirks LOL.

Good luck!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Miss Sunshine is having a great week! I am impressed she ran on a recently sprained ankle. I would have used that as an excuse to sit the race out! LOL!


Tracy said...

Oh you and me both! For the staff/parent race (cos there were 3 parents helping...me & my inlaws!) I declared busyness, updating the records I'd gotten behind on LOL.

Rel said...

On the quirks - you had to share after all - hehehe!

Stellar review from you, of course :)

Tracy said...

LOL, oh well....at least I now know I share some quirks! I wasn't going to add to the peg one, but I have my quirk with those too.