Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My Felt Needlebook

A Simple Quilter left a little message on post from a couple of months ago asking about the felt 'flimsy' tucked into my sewing tin. It is, in actual fact, a needlebook that my mother made for me, for Christmas. I must admit it took quite some time for me to find it to be practical and actually use it. Silly me. It fits perfectly into my tin and I am now using it ALL the time!

The picture above is the needle book opened out fully. I folds in half to close it.

Now that I've got the recipe bug out of my system for today, all of your who have expressed such a lot of interest in my block-of-the-month quilt....stay tuned for a pictorial progress report.


Tracy said...

So cute and practical!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

This would be a wonderful present for any sewers on your list, wouldn't it? It's so charming! (Could you tell me how I can get on your mother's list?)

Tracy said...

It would be a good gift for fellow sewers be on her list you need to be related.

Although that's not doing so well for me. My brother's just say "Oh Mum, could you make a quilt for me" and she jumps to (their wives don't sew). She hasn't done one for me yet!!!! I've done one for her, I think fair's fair. I rib her about it and she just says pffft!