Friday, 10 October 2008

My Idea of Excitement... a really good book. Imagine how excited I was then, when Rel passed me this pile of books that need to be reviewed! It was all I could do to restrain myself from delving in right there on the spot.

There were just a couple of things that stopped me:
  1. I was in church. It wouldn't look terribly good if I had my head buried to the eyeballs in a book when I had been encouraging my children to actively join in the praise time at the beginning of the service! I would've had no credibility left, with them. Not to mention curious eyes from other surrounding rows!
  2. I needed to get into 'The Restorer' by Sharon Hinck so that I would have it read and my questions for Sharon emailed well & truly by the deadline given.
By tomorrow, I will have begun on my pile of excitement! I'll let you know when Rel posts the reviews.


fmll said...

What a hassel - being forced to read great books. :D I MUST head to the library tomorrow - any suggestions on 'must reads'?

Tracy said...

Public libraries in Australia don't have much of what I would jump at.

I'm just having a look at the library catalogue for my region. They have books by the following authors listed in the catalogue:

Francine Rivers
Beverly Lewis
Janette Oke
Karen Kingsbury
Dee Henderson
Ted Dekker

I've read books by all the above authors and can happily recommend work by all of them!

My one caution ~ Ted Dekker's work is what I would describe as thriller, suspense. I loved 'Blink' and was way creeped out by 'Thr3e'. Start with 'Blink' if you can and see how you go. Rel hasn't given me anything else by him!!!!

If you click on my link to Relz Reviewz and go down her sidebar and look for a Ted Dekker link you'll find whatever reviews she would have there.

Rel said...

I've got giveaways for Lookin' Back, Texas, Trac!

Hope you enjoy them all :)

Tracy said...

I'm never disappointed Rel. Never.

Do you want me to read 'Lookin' Back Texas' first?? Figuring out where to start is the hardest part LOL.