Monday, 27 October 2008

On The Table

I'm sitting here looking at heavy laden dark grey skies and thinking that yes, I'm liking what I planned for dinner tonight. My motivation was to save a lot of money on food this week ~ 5 week months are always a challenge. The weather has cooperated quite nicely though and we will enjoy cosying in tonight over a scrummy meal. I made ice cream the other night, so I'm thinking maybe an apricot dessert to go with it will top the meal off perfectly. Why apricot? We bought 3kg tins of pie fruit...I opened an apricot one the other night to make Apricot Clafouti. Boy was that good! We would normally make a crumble, but I had no coconut and from somewhere in the dark recesses of my memory I dragged out this idea. So so easy and quick to put together. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

For today though, here's what's on our table for the week:

Monday: Roast chicken, potatoes, vegies
Tuesday: Ricotta gnocchi & tomato pesto
Wednesday: Chicken pie (or casserole), vegies
Thursday: Hearty soup, homemade dinner rolls
Friday: Hamburgers
Saturday: Singapore noodles
Sunday: Chicken kebabs, cubed bbq potatoes, salad

How am I saving money on food you ask? That roast chicken will do me 3 meals. With a size 20 chicken we have half the meat for the roast, the other half goes into the pie/casserole and the bones will be used to make the soup. That $10 bird will go a long way.


Rel said...

You are amazing! What you can do with a nice, fat chook!!!

The Tin House said...

Tracy, I'm in awe of you keeping those hungry critters away from the other half of your bird! Mind just keep picking until it's all gone.

Jinx on roast chook & veg for tonight.

I'm taking up your challenge to at least use the bones for soup which we all just love.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

There will be moans and groans when I tell them there will be no picking at the carcass! However, the thought of not getting dinner one night will go in my favour!

Rachel said...

yummy menu! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I did a turkey a couple of weeks ago and had a couple of suppers and a week worth of lunches. Made me feel awfully frugal!

Your whole menu sounds wonderful--I really want to try the ricotta gnocchi and tomato pesto.

Have a great week!

Tracy said...

I think I haven't posted that recipe have I? I'll make a note to do that. We enjoy the ricotta gnocchi better than potato. It's lighter and silkier. And the tomato pesto is deadly easy!