Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Hump Day

I love Wednesday's. It's the one day where I have nothing regular I have to do and nowhere I have to be. It's the day when I enjoy the memories of the preceding days and look forward to the ones ahead. Sewing...cuppa with other mums at school. Then the weekend.....with all its delicious possibilities. It's a day when I get to sit and read if I want to! You've just got to love a day like that.

What I am looking forward to this week? High Tea with the ladies from church. I've never been to High Tea, but I am certain it will be very special.

Lunch out...somewhere! Our church does a 'lunches in homes' thing where we get to choose to be a host or a guest. The hosts organise who will bring what to share for a meal. I was absolutely not going to miss out on an opportunity to go somewhere for lunch. It will deliver me from the monotonous ordeal that has become Sunday afternoon. "Can we go to someone's house?" ... "What are we doing today?" ... "Where can we go?" ... "I'm bored, let's go out" ... "Can we ring someone and see if they're home?" ... "Can we go to Pa's house?" (Pa lives an hour away!). Do you see a theme here? While I am more than satisfied to sit quietly and read a good book, or have a little snooze in front of a sunny window, we have three extroverted children who consider my idea of joy to be pure torture. Whoever imagined that you could enjoy being at home all weekend? Not my children! You might as well chop off a limb as subject them to that dull existence.

So I will enjoy my day today reading, getting some washing and vacuuming done. I'm going to pace myself quite nicely. If I need to I may even have a little Nana Nap. And at the end, I will watch "The Cook and the Chef".

Oh yes, I do love Wednesday's!


secondofwett said...

Oh my....I have been having similar thots this morning...Monday I had an appointment that took up half the day and then a basketball game with my daughter, then Tuesday was Bible study at a local church then the dentist in the afternoon and taking daughter to the church in the!...and I'm savouring youngest, whom I'm homeschooling just came to me and said aren't we going somewhere today?....I was very pleased to say...NO!

Tracy said...

LOL...I hope your little one didn't respond the way mine always have "ooohhhhh....whhyyy????"!