Thursday, 2 October 2008

Chocolate Ripple Cake

I'm starting off with a confession ~ the picture isn't mine!!! The reason being, I will be making this later this arvo. However, if I can stave of the hungry girls who will no doubt devour this (and if I remember!), I will post a pic of the one I make!

This is one of the easy peasiest desserts a person will ever make. There is no baking involved and you need to make it the day before so that the biscuits (cookies) have time to soften up. Great for a dinner party, don't you think?!

Chocolate Ripple Cake

1 Packet of chocolate biscuits (I use Arnott's 'chocolate ripple')
300ml whipping cream
  1. Whip the cream until stiff peaks form.
  2. On a long slim platter, spread a thin layer of cream along the length (about 30cm) where your log will sit.
  3. Spread a biscuit with cream and sandwich another biscuit on top of the cream. To begin forming the log, place the sandwiched biscuits vertically at one end, ensuring they are on the bed of cream already spread.
  4. Continue on, by spreading one biscuit at a time with cream and adding it to the log until all the biscuits are used.
  5. Once you have your log, cover the entire length, all the way around with cream. Make sure you have a thick layer, otherwise you will see the biscuits begin to poke through as the cake 'matures'.
  6. Cover, and refrigerate at least overnight, preferably 24 hours.
  7. To serve, you can scatter grated chocolate over the top, or sliced strawberries. You could dust with cocoa powder.
To make this more grown up, you could dip every second biscuit in sherry or your favourite liqueur. I've seen recipes that add vanilla essence and sugar to the cream. My Mum never did that and so it's not a habit I have taken up. In any case, the biscuits are plenty sweet enough so I don't think it's really necessary.


Terri said...

That looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

An Aussie classic!


Rel said...

Nothing like a good chocolate ripple cake!!

Tracy said...

It's looking very difficult to leave alone...sitting there all by itself in the fridge. Lonely...needing to b eaten!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

This looks delicious--I'll definitely be using this recipe, thank you very much!

"Arvo"? What's an arvo, please?


Tracy said...

Oh dear, I've done it again LOL.

arvo = afternoon

You're going to be speaking Aussie before you realise it Frances!