Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Favourite Things

Both useful and frivolous, are the things I adore.

My glass citrus juicer. I inherited this when my great-uncle's housekeeper died and we gained possession of the house and all its glorious contents. At 20yo I didn't truly appreciate much of what was there as I would now, but I was married and had the sense to collect some very useful items as well as some wonderful crystal and china pieces.

You just can't buy juicers like this anymore!

A crystal heart that sits upon my bedside table holding bracelets. I love the bracelets most. They're an inexpensive girly addition in any hue to match my wardrobe. I am enchanted by the sound of them on the desk whilst I write or type.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

We had a juicer like yours growing up, and I wish I had one now. I have a fancy juicer that works quite nicely, but you have to put it together and it's a pain to wash. The simple version works just as well and is much easier to deal with!

Anonymous said...

How lovely...the old things are the nicest, aren't they? :)

Rel said...

Mini tongs - I love them - hehehe!

Tracy said...

YES...mini tongs. Alas I have none, but they are sooooo cute! I think I'll have to put those on the Christmas list. Mr Busy is the tong-giving man. I'm sure he'll be thrilled with that idea, given that he is rather taken with the mini version himself!

fmll said...

I have a juicer that is very similar and I could never part with it! So much simpler to use than the modern doohickies... saying that, I do love gadgets :D