Sunday, 1 August 2010

Our 'UP' Moment


We don't have squirrels in Australia. We have other cute little things that will scratch your eyes out in a heartbeat....but no squirrels. The first time we met this little fellow was quite early in the morning as he had his daily saunter along the back fence. And on that first day we all yelled out "Squirrel!" whilst pointing excitedly.

Later that day or the next we were reading Miss Mischief's teacher's blog. She had travelled to the US for a conference and also had an 'Up' moment, yelling "Squirrel!" when she saw her first one as well. We laughed and laughed when we realised our reactions were identical, apparently quite random to those around us and we were immediately reminded of the movie 'Up'. Miss Mischief's class has a bit of an 'Up' theme going on.

My SIL declared these little critters a bit of a pest. When I asked her what mischief they got themselves into her response was "They eat my birdseed" (you can see her birdfeeder in the picture). I don't know. I reckon eating birdseed isn't so bad. Our wildlife gets into way more mischief! The cockatoos eat houses and fences...and anything else made of wood, and the kangaroos and wombats try their darndest to wreck your car by popping out in front of you quite suddenly. In the dark.

What surprised me was how small squirrels are. They're teensy weensy. A fraction of the size of a possum.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Any bird lover will tell you squirrels are a huge pain--many a birdfeeder has been invented to try to keep those critters off, and I don't believe there's one that can do the trick. It's frustrating!