Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday Menu: Week beginning 2 August

Ugh! I forgot again! I remember reading a blog post not so long ago where the author posted a picture of her meal. She had declared it amazingly wonderful. I'm not sure I could describe to you how I felt. The meal looked bland and unbalanced to my way of thinking. So I determined that at some point I should take some photos of what we typically eat. And tonight I forgot again.

One of the things I have remained determined about, no matter how busy I become, is the importance of cooking meals from scratch that are healthy and delicious. Unless a plate has three different colours of vegetables on it, I am not satisfied. Something looks a little bit wrong, to me anyway. Tonight, for example, our vegetables were sauted and included carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms. A riot of colour! I need to put the camera on the bench if I'm to remember to take photos of food before the hungry natives this side of my picket fence devour it!

This week's colourful menu will include the following:
Monday: Nachos
Tuesday: Chicken schnitzel, vegies or salad
Wednesday: Leftover lasagna and salad
Thursday: Ants Climbing Trees
Friday: Homemade Hamburgers
Saturday: Roast chicken, roast vegies
Sunday: Potato & leek soup, something to go with it ;)

Considering the cold winter blast it's a little surprising to see salads on my menu. Even to me. Perhaps a little piece of my SIL came home with me!

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