Tuesday, 24 August 2010

World Premiere Season

Production Set

I mentioned, on Sunday, that we had celebrated the Yr 3-6 Production.  It was a world premiere season that has now, sadly, ended!  Mr Busy's teacher wrote the script and the Yr 3/4 teacher wrote the lyrics for all the songs.  A talented pair, by far!

The Play was about some children who were not happy with the way they were made.  They suffered things like an inability to draw good pictures, being 'ugly', wanting to be popular with the in-crowd etc.  With a little bit of time travel thanks to a Hairy Godfather and his MSG stick (Modifying Situation Glitter) the kids travelled back in time to Israel.  They had a run in with some Sabbath Police (Pharisees) and overheard conversations that they were able to hear thanks to the Hairy Godfather's ESL stick (English as a Second Language).  They even had a long chat with Jesus.  When they returned to their own time, they took Jesus' words to heart, and decided to use their special gifts to help others.  Even the bullies.

The picture above is the set.  I'm sorry it's so dark.  But if you click on it you'll get a bigger view and it might make more sense!  Or you can just squint carefully.  The set was transformed from Losers Lane (our time) to Lepers Lane (Jesus' time) with the flip of a back drop and the changing of the street sign, and then to the Mount of Olives with the addition of some sylised cardboard trees.  The kids did most of the work on the set.  Painting tree canopies, and trees, and paper macheing the big tree on the left.  It was a messy week that week!

I was so incredibly proud of the kids.  They worked so hard and took direction so well. Many of the main characters suffered illnesses and absences in the weeks preceeding the performance and yet on the two nights they were all there and things went without a hitch.  The young boy who played Jesus is in Year 3 and did a mangificent job of learning huge chunks of the script.  He was SO cute!  The words and message, while encased in humour, were touching and made many of us parents tear up a little.

I feel a strange mix of relief and nostalgia.  I'm glad the busyness is over.  Everyone who works in those classes had extra tasks and details to take care of and it made for hectic days.  But at the same time, it's a little sad too.  It's a shame the kids won't have another time or two performing it.


Rel said...

Just wanted to say hello! Missing you AND I won't be at book club :(

Hope you are well, my friend!

Tracy said...

I know...AND I missed you on Sunday :(