Friday, 20 August 2010


Frances and PomPom have both commented about my having bought a new pillow. Because you wanted to know Frances......I bought a memory foam pillow.

My purchase was perhaps a little hasty, and because I was with my husband who harbours no issue whatsoever with spending money, I spent far more than I would have thought reasonable for a pillow. It's just a pillow, after all! I have discovered though, that not all pillows are created equal!

My old pillow was....old. It needed replacing, so I tried a very firm, high latex one. I ended up with sciatic nerve pain and ditched it very quickly. It became a 'show model' at Dh's shop! I switched back to the old pillow but found my neck and shoulders were so very painful every morning. And the children are less accommodating when I request a neck and shoulder rub. They're very good at them, when they are inclined to indulge me!

So last week Dh came shopping with me and we went on the hunt for a pillow for me. I was looking at the $20 Target and Kmart version, but nothing seemed to suit my idea of what I needed. We ended up in this little out-of-the-way homewares/manchester kind of store and in the back corner were these soft, cuddly memory foam pillows. I thought they were all bricks (like the one Dh had bought a few years ago), but this one begged to be snuggled. The lady let me put my head on one, while lying on the display bed to try it out. It still felt good, so Dh instructed me "don't look at the price, get it if you think it you like it". He's good for me, that man of mine! I tell you, I've not had a single night since, where I've been uncomfortable. Even on the nights where I've not slept well, I've been content to stay in bed...and I don't think that only because it's cold if I get up!

I sink into that pillow at night and it holds my head "just right". It's soft and comfy but firm enough to be supportive. Do I sound like an advertisement for these things? LOL If so, it is with good reason. Just goes to show that the right pillow IS worth paying for, after all. Dh was right!


Pom Pom said...

I used my Target memory foam pillow last night and it does help, but I think I shall search for a nicer one. You've convinced me.

Our Red House said...

Sounds like bliss - I think I need a new pillow.


wayside wanderer said...

I have a loose stuffing memory foam pillow that is pretty fabulous. Seriously, in case of fire I plan on grabbing my pillow. If I thought I had time I would drag my mattress out the house, too. :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks for sharing this info, Tracy! I want a memory pillow now. I treasure a good night's sleep.

And yay for Dh! Shopping with the Man is the same--he's much more generous with me than I am with myself. Fun!