Monday, 16 August 2010

Monday's Menu Planning: Week Beginning 16 August

It's still raining. This morning it would have been very tempting to have just stayed all nice and cosy and slept in. Certainly, the children tried! But alas, school calls and we must head out shortly.

This week's menu plan is perhaps reflection of the fact that I am feeling tired and uninspired. I think some sunshine and a tiny bit of warmth might be what is needed to feel more alive. Having those three weeks of perfect summer has me longing for Spring. Most unusual for me...I normally enjoy the frosty storms of winter.

Monday: Beef & rice noodle stir fry
Tuesday: Chinese corn soup
Wednesday: Bacon wrapped chicken, vegies
Thursday: Pasta bolognaise
Friday: Minestrone
Saturday: Roast (lamb or pork), vegies
Sunday: Homemade pizzas


Pom Pom said...

Hi Tracy!
Rain can be such an energy drain, can't it? I grew up in the Pacific Northwest part of the USA and it rained SO much. Now I love the thin mountain air of Colorado and I don't miss the rain. I DO miss the ocean, though! Your kitchen is gorgeous and your menu plan looks wonderful! I watched a movie set in Ireland last night and the rain there must be SO difficult when it goes on and on. Spring is on the way for you! Yahoo!

Tracy said...

Oh I LOVED Colorado. You're in a very beautiful part of the world PomPom. I couldn't believe how black the skies became with a summer storm. And I loved the lightening storms over the Rockies.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your menu doesn't look uninspired to me at all. If that's uninspired, you have a very lucky family!

We haven't had a good spell of rain in a while, so I'd welcome it, but I have to admit, after a day or two, I'm ready for the sun to come back. When does your spring start? September?


Tracy said...

They are lucky....I'll tell them someone else thinks so. They are too used to the 'good life'!

Yes, our spring starts in September. Although it's often not that warm til October and sometimes not til December.