Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Colourful Meals So Far

Hey, you'll never guess what! Yep. My camera has lived on the bench for the last few days and I've remembered to take a quick photo before the food has disappeared! So I know you're wondering what 'colourful' looks like in our house, after my post yesterday. Actually, you probably don't care. Sorry...you're stuck with this post anyway.

On Monday I was lamenting the fact that I'd not gotten a photo of dinner. I later remembered the leftovers I'd tucked away for lunch and snapped a photo of that instead. Below is my version of Honey Soy Chicken (drumsticks in this case), with stir fried vegies and basmati rice. I used the chicken pan juices over the rice and vegies. (This was Sunday night's dinner, actually).

Asian Chicken, Rice & Vegies

On Monday night I stayed after school to help out the Prep teacher prepare her room for Preschool visits. This was the perfect no-time-to-cook meal. Nachos ~ over the top we had grated cheese, diced fresh tomatoes, mashed avocado, sour cream and lettuce.


Tonight it was Chicken Schnitzel and Vegies. We were out and about at the time I would normally cook, so in the time we were home between school and dashing out I prepared all the vegies ready for cooking. When I got home at 6pm we were only the 20 minutes of cooking time away from eating. I made sure I cooked enough vegies for lunch tomorrow. Toasted sandwiches just aren't cutting it at the moment. But vegies are doing me pretty well.

Schnitzel & Vegies


nolene said...

That all looks very yummy! You are inspiring me to cook better, Thanks Tracy!

Tracy said...

My pleasure, Nolene! Enjoy those colous!!!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Delicious! You should take more pix of what's for dinner!


Tracy said...

I'll try to remember Frances. It makes a nice addition to a blog to see photos that aren't just copy & pasted!