Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday Menu Plans: Week Beginning 31 August

Food, Glorious Food!  Our Lower Primary students have had heaps of fun with this General Studies unit.  I wish I worked in those classrooms so that I could participate more than the odd little taste test here and there.  But I have benefited in other ways.  One of the teachers had a very scrumptious, healthy-looking slice of cake at morning tea this morning.  This afternoon I was handed the recipe thanks to a Melbourne Markets brochure on healthy lunches and snack for kids.  I've another baked apple dessert recipe in there I'd like to try as well.  Anyway, I tried the Banana, Carrot & Sultana loaf tonight and it's a keeper.  Not too much sugar, and yet sweet enough to satisfy your sweet-tooth.  Perfect!

Given that we're at the tail-end of the term, life in the kitchen has descended into survival mode ~ meals that don't take too much effort, but fill hungry bellies and provide some kind of positive nutrition.

Monday:  Honey mustard chicken, vegies
Tuesday:  Homemade tomato soup, spinach & ricotta pastries
Wednesday:  Sweet & sour pork, rice
Thursday:  Tomato & bacon pasta
Friday:  Gnocchi (hold over from last week)
Saturday:  Pasta bolognaise (make double)
Sunday:  Roast chicken, vegies

In the last week I've been having sweet potatoes, rather than regular potatoes.  In whatever manner potatoes are being cooked for the rest of the family, that's what I do with a sweet spud for myself.  I have to say, I'm really enjoying them.  I hated sweet potato as a child.  It was the very poor substitute for regular potatoes when they were unavailable to us.  I have to say, I've quite changed my tune.  There you go, mums, there is hope for those fussy little eaters at your tables.  I was once inclined towards such behaviour too and have come out the other side.

Now if only there was a glimmer of hope regarding Mr Busy's homework habits.  Do the temper tantrums ever subside and give way to diligence and self-motivation?  He's been quite a shock to this mother since the moment he was born and he continues to challenge everything I think I know about being the mum of my children.  The girls obviously go by a different textbook and no one has shown me the one for 'Boy Planet'.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

If you find the solution to the homework problem with Mr. Busy, please pass it on. Having the same fuss here with Will. I had the same problem with Jack until last year, when he finally started doing it without prompting. What a relief!