Friday, 30 July 2010

Dream Lake


I'm back to some holiday sharing today. How's this for a view!?!

While we were in the US we went camping at a cute little hamlet called Estes Park, which is right near the entrance to the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a beautiful little spot, just a short drive north of Denver. The views, of course, are beautiful because it can't be anything else when you're surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains. My SIL and I decided to take a little hike, one afternoon. The children opted to swim in the pool at the "RV" park (aka caravan park), Dh supervised them and my BIL had a snooze.

So off we set. We drove into the park, hopped on a shuttle bus and headed up to some spot up the way a little where we hiked from. I use the term 'hike' very loosely. It was really a lovely little 1.1 mile walk that was just barely going uphill. If I managed it, it is easy peasy! The picture above was what awaited us for that small amount of effort. If you look carefully on the edge of the right hand side, on the side of the mountain there is a glacier. Funny the middle of summer the glaciers and thick ice never melt way up there.

The water of the lake is so pure and so clear that you can see the bottom with no problems at all. And around the edge of the lake and along the path were squirrels and chipmunks scampering bravely alongside the people I'd never seen either, let alone in the wild. They're pretty cute!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Beautiful picture! I've never been to Colorado, but scenery like this makes me want to go immediately.

I love that you'd never seen a squirrel. We're overrun with them here, the little varmints!