Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday Menu: Week begining 26 July

Today is a little break from holiday reminiscing. Sometime this week I'll load up our photos and then perhaps I can start showing you some of what we did. However, for now, Monday has rolled around again and it's time to think about planning ahead for the week. I'm not sure how busy women go without menu planning. I hate having to go shopping terribly often, and I hate standing at the pantry/fridge at 5pm wondering what on earth I feel like eating for dinner tonight. Planning my meals and then the shopping list that results from my plan is my little piece of daily sanity. I do it as a gift to myself! It just so happens that my family are the greatest benefactors of my self-gift. I would encourage you to have a go and see how it works for you, if you've never been organised with this before.

Monday: Rissoles, vegies
Tuesday: Meatloaf, vegies
Wednesday: Minestrone, bread
Thursday: Pasta with bacon & mushrooms
Friday: Honey soy chicken, rice, stir fried vegies
Saturday: Wonton Soup
Sunday: Lasanga

It was my niece's birthday on Saturday and rissoles are the thing she loves to we're having those dinner tonight in honour of her. Seeing as how she's too far away to celebrate with in person. If you don't know what a rissole is, click here and check out the Aussie version. I didn't know there was such a wide variety of definitions. My rissoles, typically, have mince, tomato sauce, egg, onion and breadcrumbs. I make homemade rye breadcrumbs, but bought packaged ones were what I used before I had to steer clear of wheat.

I'll be preparing our meatloaf tonight so I can throw it in the oven when I make it home on Tuesday night. Another little gift to my sanity! My car is having another trip to the mechanic tomorrow so I suspect we'll be getting home late in the day after picking it up.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I checked out your risole link--yum!

And I love having dinner prepped before I get home--such a relief to walk in the door and have something ready to pop in the oven.

Hope all is well with your car!


Tracy said...

Those rissoles taste even better than they look. I had the one lone leftover for lunch with some steamed vegies. Mmmmm!