Sunday, 25 July 2010

Week in Review

It's a little hard to believe that at exactly this time last week we were about an hour off landing back in Melbourne. We've been home a whole week!!!!

Settling Back to Home. It's been nice cosying ourselves back into our home. It's been oh so cold (to us!), with icy mornings and overcast days. Especially after the reprieve of warmer days. Our heater has been working overtime. The washing and dishes have been kept up with and the suitcases have finally gone into the 'dungeon'.

Back to Work. I felt a bit like a fish out of water, in that I missed work break. Despite that I've settled back in pretty well and the week has just been like I never left....except that we all have holiday stories to tell.

After having experienced a front loading washing machine for a few weeks while we were away we've decided we'd like to replace our top loader with a front loader. We've car repairs to work on first....a rather unpleasant surprise upon our return. One day in the next year or so, though, it'd be good to be able to do that.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like home~sweet~home! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Let's trade weather for awhile, okay?

I'd like a front loader, too. I'm afraid I'm working up a long list of all the appliances I'd like to break down so I could replace them (if only I could afford to ...).


Tracy said...

Tina: So very true ~ no matter how much fun you have beyond home!

Frances: Dh would love a new fridge/freezer too ~ a side-by-side version. But I'm afraid ours was among the last of the built-to-last-forever versions!!!