Monday, 19 July 2010

Return to Normal Beginning with Monday Menu!

Wow. What a holiday we've had. We arrived back in Melbourne yesterday morning and reluctantly considered normal life. Things like menu planning and grocery shopping. And what to wear to school today in wintry conditions when we've enjoyed three weeks of a USA summer.

Fortunately I'd begun to set my heart towards home in small snatches last week. A menu plan here, an email to my boss there. Nothing to make me think my holiday was over, but enough to make returning a little less taxing. Already I've switched things around just a little. Crossing a dateline and spending too many hours in a plane does something to your appetite! I have a feeling that going from a high altitude to sea level decreases your appetite too.

So here's my rearranged menu:

Sunday: Chinese corn soup and yum cha bites
Monday: Roast chicken, potatoes, vegies (make stock)
Tuesday: Ricotta fritters, vegies
Wednesday: Mellow Meatballs, rice
Thursday: Tomato & Bacon pasta (a la SIL)
Friday: Sloppy Joe's, salad
Saturday: Sweet & sour pork, rice
Sunday: Oven fried chicken, potato, vegies

There you have it. Barely a salad in sight, after weeks of nothing but. My one disappointment is that we don't have tinned fire roasted tomatoes here. Oh wow are they good in a pasta dish.

Grocery shopping yesterday was like turning up to a little milk bar. After enormous USA supermarkets our little town's Safeway was a bit....well....underwhelming. The prices however were not! My SIL's cousin didn't buy a thing for two weeks after returning from living in the US. I totally understand why!

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