Thursday, 11 July 2013

Wrap 'n Roll

Today has been incredibly productive in many, many ways.  It's nice to get to the end of a day and feel that satisfied tired that comes from working hard.

The day began with more sushi, wraps and gluten free sandwiches.  Dh is moving his business premises for the second time in 10 years because he keeps growing out of places.  The newest place is much further away than the previous two, which have been 2 minutes and then 7 minutes from home.  The kids have all gone off to help with moving and cleaning and I offered to bring lunch.  Fortunately Dh has a small staff of five, plus our three kids.  So I wrapped and rolled sushi, rice paper rolls (I ran out of seaweed sheets), sandwich wraps and gluten free sandwiches for myself and one of the staff who also avoids wheat.  It was a long morning!!!!

I abandoned the warehouse to come home and do some cleaning of my own.  My front living room - the more formal of our two living areas - has now not a speck of dust or dirt anywhere.  I dusted and then wet-wiped and dried every surface before vacuuming behind all sorts of things.  All the furniture got moved and the carpets should have not a speck left on them.  I even vacuumed the bricks around the fire place.

And after all that cleaning and because of the septic tank man's frustrations with the cleaning chemicals people use I've ordered a couple of Enjo bathroom mitts so that I'm not using any chemicals.  Good for my sensitive skin and the septic tank!

Now I need to sit down for a bit and relax before everyone comes home and wants dinner!

PS.  I have maintained my average of Distinction for the semester, so far.  I have one result to come because my exam papers were returned late.  YAY!!!  Nine subjects left to go!

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