Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Health Files: Rediscovering Wonder Foods

My journey to rediscovery of fruits and vegetables has been ... not as difficult as I thought.  My fruit basket (pictured above) is overflowing with fuji apples, corella pears, mandarins and bananas.  Below is my version of "wonder soup".  Isn't it colourful?! As you can see it's not a soup at all, but rather all the ingredients made into a stir fry (minus the water and tomatoes, of course).  I sprinkled in a little sesame oil and a dab of chilli paste for flavour and I have to say I was much happier eating a bowl full of this than the mac 'n cheese the kids wanted, and got for lunch today.

 A relatively new discovery for us has been pre-seasoned butterflied lamb roasts, which we can get in our local Safeway (no, really, our sign still says Safeway!).  We have a particular thing for the lemon and garlic version, which is beautiful and succulent as a roast and then absolutely stunning sliced thinly on a pumpkin pizza the next day.  The kids aren't so keen on the pumpkin but I'm sure we can figure something out that they will enjoy more.  I have pita bread to use up before our school-holiday trek in to Costco.  I want that freezer emptied!!

You know I said I was using the 7-Day Diet website as my 'guide'?  I think I like Day 3 with a little bit of protein thrown in at dinner time and space for a slice of gluten-free bread around mid-morning.  It feels a little more reasonable, do-able and balanced. 

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Tina Coveney said...

Sounds yummy! I'm trying to eat more wholefoods too, seems to be easier in the summer time over here. Winter makes us want stodgy sponge puddings and custard! xx