Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Using it Up: Milk

I love a good kitchen challenge of the "use it up" variety.  This week's is to use up 10 litres of milk that had reached is use-by date, which Dh had brought home from work.  So, hot chocolates and baked custard appeared on the menu last night.  I think perhaps homemade mac 'n cheese should keep some children happy at lunch time tomorrow.  And I think Miss Sunshine's friend is coming for breakfast, so perhaps pancakes will fulfill the brief of yummy substantial breakfast upon which to study as well as using up some milk.

I got busy and did some menu planning for the rest of the month as you can see above.  That is quite literally a screen shot of the typed version of my menu plan.  I love that snipping tool!  So I'm all planned up and ready to go for next week when the world begins to spin a little faster.

And the septic tank man came this morning.  The pipes are back to normal!!!  Mr Busy and Dh stood out on the deck right over the tank and watched the man do his job.  They were both entertained for quite a while!  I was eating breakfast - something that should not be combined with observing the intricacies of how to empty a septic tank!  In any case the very nice man gave us a bag of septic tank-friendly goodies like bathroom cleaners and toilet paper when he was done and my kitchen sink is now running smoothly again.  And we have a sticker to tell us when it needs doing again.  The man was not so impressed that it had been left seven years! 

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