Friday, 12 July 2013

Cleaning and Organising

I've been waiting all holidays for the cleaning bug go hit me.  It finally arrived.  My two front rooms have been thoroughly deep cleaned.  I dug out my Enjo cloths to help me with the dusting task.  My septic tank man will be thrilled.  Clean house.  No chemicals.

I have wandered into those two rooms numerous times just to enjoy the fruits of my labour.  Shiny surfaces.  No dust.  Reorganised music book storage.  And I have wondered again how to be more routine about the whole idea of cleaning when life is so crazy throughout the term.  I wish I had the mental wherewithal to sign up to Fly Lady again.  She was so helpful 12 years ago when I first became acquainted with her.

I don't think anyone has come up with a system for full speed life and super-quick house cleaning.  The two don't seem to go together.  Cleaning just takes the time that it takes.

So my question to you for the week is this:  How to keep your house cleaned when you're busier than you would like to be?

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bbarna said...

I miss the days when my kids were home. They all had "chores" and it really helped. I work full time and run a home business, and hubby used to work out of town alot. Now hubby is semi-retired and has taken on the vacumning, laundry and most of the yard work. I still work full time and have home business. I do the dusting, bathrooms, washing of floors, etc. My standards are definitely lower that they used to be :-) Decluttering has helped, but you have to keep on top of it.
Barb from Canada