Tuesday, 16 July 2013

More Cleaning.....

My Enjo bathroom cloths arrived.  There is nothing to inspire a girl more than brand new fluffy cleaning gloves!  After spending over an hour cleaning the kids bathroom on Sunday I am now armed to keep it that way.  This week my new routine is still going well.  When I don't have to be at work until 9am.  I'm sure it'll be more of a challenge when I have to be there at 8am next week.

This afternoon I had about half an hour between getting home and picking up Miss Mischief so I decided to "spend five minutes" cleaning the kids' toilet.  Fifteen minutes later I think I had managed to clean every little nook and cranny there was to clean, including the skirting boards.  Did you know kids don't really clean toilets after all?  Even big kids who are perfectly capable?  I keep asking them to do it and I hear all the right noises but the evidence suggests they really don't know what the task entails.

My next mission to save up for:  stripping out the bathroom and toilet and completely re-tiling and changing the set up in there.  My tips for bathroom renovators based on this bathroom:

  • Floating floorboards are NOT appropriate wet-area floor coverings.
  • Claw foot baths look pretty but they're a pain in the but to clean under and around
  • Never ever have a 3cm gap between a shower screen and cabinet.  There is no. possible. way. to clean in that gap.
  • Bathrooms should be tiled up the wall instead of having skirting boards.  Skirting boards are dumb in bathrooms - they just collect gunge.
  • Bathrooms should be painted with good-quality paint designed for wet, steamy rooms that does not come off on your cloth when you wipe down the walls.
Are you getting a picture of my frustrations?  Whoever built this house was not wise!


Crunchie's Mum said...

We are building a new bathroom and I'm more interested in easy clean than looking pretty. No matter how great your bathroom looks when its brand new, it will look less than impressive in a few months time if its not kept clean. So the taps are coming off the walls not the basin - much easier to keep clean. The shower has 3 walls and no door, the walls will be tiled and there won't be any small gaps for cobwebs and dust to sit in.

Tracy said...

Our builder suggested that set up for our ensuite shower but the room was too square for it to work properly. I love the idea of it though.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I was cleaning bathrooms today and bemoaning the fact that I can never get them entirely clean. Our house is fifty years old, and our bathrooms need a complete remodeling. Maybe next year when I get really, really rich ...