Saturday, 13 July 2013

In Search of Cleaning Routines and Schedules

My final task of the school holidays is to plan for organisation.  Barb left me a very wise and helpful response yesterday - a little bit often, get everyone involved. The kids do all the dishes jobs here and Dh does the laundry.  It's the dusting, floors and bathrooms that seem to escape our attention until visitors are imminent.  And Fly Lady is right.  I want to enjoy a home that is guest-ready all the time, not just when guests are there.

I've set myself a morning and evening routine along with weekly and monthly tasks, having borrowed from my Fly Lady days. I've assigned things so they suit what happens in a normal week here.  Let's be realistic, even though Fly Lady does her 'home blessing' on a Monday I am not going to get to it that day between weekly Uni work being released that day and fortnightly meetings at work.  My 'home blessing' is going to happen over a few days and has been scheduled to suit my days off.

I'm going to trial this routine for a week or three and see how it goes. I haven't included the dishes and laundry because they are done by the rest of the family.  Nor is there a schedule for deep cleaning.  That is just going to have to be a holiday job.  No, this routine is just about keeping our home cleaned in a basic kind of way.

I'll post a copy of the schedule when I am sure it works alright.  In the meantime, I really would love to hear your tips and ideas.  I know there are wiser women out there with lots to share with me...and anyone else who stops by.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I fear that woman is not me. I have no tips, no tried and true techniques. Once upon a time, I had a cleaning schedule, and my house was much more orderly and neat. Nowadays? Sigh ... Hope to learn some tips from you!