Monday, 8 July 2013

Frugal Winter School Holiday Fun

We came home from church yesterday to brilliant winter sunshine - too nice to stay inside all day.  So I suggested heading into the Queen Victoria Market.  Something I've been wanting to do for a very long time!  We went back and forth about more local markets and the chocolaterie in the Yarra Valley.  Eventually we agreed to the Queen Vic.  YES!  We really just went in and wandered and looked.  We came home with a leather wallet for Mr Busy, strawberries for Miss Mischief, a rocky road treat to eat along the way and a stop at the doughnut van for hot jam doughnuts.  I borrowed the picture above from one of the many available when searching google images.  Some clever person combined the doughtnut AND the van!!!!  This are my weakness and are a treat that I only end up eating once every few years.  That's how often I'm near a doughnut van.  By the time we came home the skies were becoming very dark indeed - the best of both worlds.  I love a good storm.

This week our frugal fun would appear not so frugal, but really it is.  Our house is constipated.  The pipes are making funny noises and things are not draining so well.  So we're having the septic tank sucked out and cleaned tomorrow.  Now it does cost a little bit.  But when you only get it done once every seven years the cost is about a quarter of paying sewage fees if you were connected to 'town sewage'.  Now that all sounds pretty disgusting really, but it is very interesting to watch the men do their thing.  They come with a big truck and Mr Busy will sit at the family room window or stand on the deck outside and watch the entire time they're there.  I'm telling you, this is the best entertainment money can buy!

Otherwise, our entertainment will be in the form of already-owned DVD's, iPad games, already owned, baking and I don't know what else.  But not a lot.  Maybe a Star Wars night with my brother?  I'm thinking some Nigella time might do the trick right now.  I need some menu planning and grocery shopping inspiration!

I'm still looking at the cleaning and wishing I felt like digging in.

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