Monday, 1 November 2010

Monday's Menu Plan: Week Beginning 1 November

My kids are counting down the days until Christmas.  Already. Now that it's the beginning of November I'm almost ready to concede that one must begin to prepare for the festivities. I think I might just wait until the long weekend is over though.  I don't want to spoil four days off, in the middle of a busy term!

The week ahead in my kitchen is looking a little like:

Monday:  Chicken wings and vegies
Tuesday:  Gnocchi with a tomato based sauce
Wednesday:  Singapore Noodles
Thursday:  Slow cooked lamb chops (Nigella Express P117)
Friday:  Ricotta fritters, vegies
Saturday:  Lasagna, salad (make double for the freezer)
Sunday:  Chicken noodle soup

Back to my book...or my stitching, with a little sunshine on my back.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I had my first "oh, I should start planning for Christmas" though yesterday. I would love to get everything done early this year, so that I could for once focus on the spiritual side of the season. Good luck, I know!


Tracy said...

I'm with you Frances....not sure how I'll do getting there though! I think if I start with one or two things each week it shouldn't be too difficult.