Thursday, 11 November 2010

To Be or Not To Be (slack, that is)

I'm officially calling it.  I'm in a mid-term slump when it comes to churning out meals.  There.  I said it.  Out loud.  I just can't be bothered.  Perhaps I need to conserve some energy tonight before creating a magnificent dessert to take out with us tomorrow, and before having some friends over for Sunday lunch.  I think I'm on to something.

I could never understand it when I would hear other mothers talk about the slackness of their meals (ie not to the standard they normally deem appropriate) when their husbands were out and they just had the kids to feed.  I never understood it, because the kids and I constitute the majority portion of our family.  Dh is but one (a very important one, mind you) of the number who grace our family table each night.  It never made sense to me that four out of five people weren't enough impetus to get a person cooking.  I still hold to that opinion.  If you're going to cook and only one of your tribe is missing, you might as well do what you normally do and cook a proper meal.

Tonight, however, I'm cheating as if to prove myself a complete hypocrite.  I'm not going to cook at all!  I could blame the fact that Dh will be out.  The reality is that I am using that as merely an excuse.  A more astute mother would have seen this mid-term slump coming and planned to have something in the freezer to be whipped out and reheated.

On the upside, I've just spent a few lessons being entertained and amazed by the Prep kids and what they've managed to accomplish this year.  They're all so very sweet, in their own unique little ways.

Hungry Jacks, here we come.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have to admit that I'm one of those moms who often doesn't cook when the Man is out of town. Not every time, but often enough. You're right, though--it does seem odd to trash a meal just because one family member is missing. I'd never thought of it that way!


Tracy said...

Everyone comes at these things from a different perspective, don't they?!