Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday's Menu Plan: Week Beginning 8 November

Today has been a perfectly beautiful spring day.  Warmth, sunshine and an unexpected visit with a friend late in the day have been quite a treasure.  I don't really feel like I've 'worked'.  Not when you spend the afternoon languishing in the sunshine on the pretense of supervising children who are fully engaged in their activity!  Having leftover lasagna in the fridge, ready to go for dinner when unexpected things happen, is definitely the best thing ever.  No cooking dinner beyond warming it up.  Can you tell I'm feeling a little smug right now?!  I always do when I manage to organise myself so well.  I wish I managed it more often!

In the meantime, planning the week's meals is as organised as I'm inclined to get, for now.

Monday:  Leftover lasagna
Tuesday: Bacon wrapped chicken, vegies
Wednesday:  Meatloaf, vegies
Thursday:  Ants Climbing Trees
Friday:  African drumsticks, salad (or vegies)
Saturday:  Tacos
Sunday:  Minestrone, homemade dinner rolls

We may end up with guests for lunch on Sunday as well as Friday night dinner.  I think I may need to dig into Nigella Feast for some inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, I have some for the wheat-free eaters amongst us.  I've re-discovered the humble rice paper sheet recently and have been enjoying them filled with lettuce, carrot, bean shoots, finely sliced chicken (from leftover drumsticks) and hoisin sauce for flavour.  When you have no bread in the house that is suitable, this makes a great alternative for lunch and is really no more difficult than making salad sandwiches, although slightly more time consuming.  I say slightly, only because each rice paper sheet must be soaked in warm water for about 30 seconds.  I've also discovered that Woolworths have corn tortillas (Select brand) that are gluten free.  I've bought some but haven't tried them yet.  They seem far more flexible than the specifically made gluten free alternative.  I reckon I could try Nigella's Quesadillas with a reasonable expectation of success!  In fact, I could even do this at school, on the George Foreman style grill thingy.  Ahh, now there's some inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Yum! I love the idea of African drumsticks. How do you make them?


Tracy said...

Hi Kate. It's a recipe from 'Nigella Kitchen'. Basically a marinade in which the chicken gets baked as well. It looked bright and colourful as well as tasty, so I'm going to try it out. I don't think I'm allowed to post the recipe...but I'm happy to email it to you.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So funny--it's a perfect fall day here! We're probably enjoying the exact same weather, only your flowers are coming in and mine are going out.


Tracy said...

LOL Frances. You're probably right!