Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Midweek Hump...Or Maybe Slump

The picture above depicts a little of how I'm feeling...blown along by strong winds that can't be held back and can't be fought.  Along with numerous extra end-of-school-year things that need to be dealt with it has been so warm the last few days.  Not uncomfortably so, for the most part.  But enough to make sleeping a little troublesome.  Enough for mozzies to dive-bomb you all night long.  Enough to make you think going to bed at 9.00pm feels late, because of the sleep you lost the night before!

And with the realisation that the end of the year is upon us also comes the awareness that Christmas is coming and presents must be bought.  Quickly.  So that I don't have to shop for more than food in the week between the end of school and Christmas.  The children have placed 'wish lists' on the fridge.  I have to laugh.  They are quite lofty and unreasonable.  But they're good for a laugh.

Mr Busy:  "a mobile phone, so that if I'm alone and something's wrong I can ring you"
Miss Mischief: "lots 'a money"
Miss Sunshine: "a new iPod nano (pink)"

Of course, Miss Mischief also has a note about the promised, but un-findable pretty glasses case.  Her comment ends with  "....still waiting"

I giggled over bits of all of them, but Mr Busy's about the mobile phone made me laugh the longest.  Because what 10yo boy is ever away from adult supervision long enough to need a mobile phone?  Except maybe in Disneyland when he decides that he doesn't want to stick with the rest of the family and gets himself left behind?  Visible to us...but he didn't know that.  And neither did we for a good 5-10 minutes.

How is your Christmas preparation and shopping going?


Crunchie's Mum said...

A suggestion for the pretty glasses case - my daughter solved the problem by buying a plain coloured glasses case and covering it with good quality scrapbooking stickers. It worked. Her glasses case was unmistakable and did look quite nice.

Tracy said...

I think most of us feel that end of year rush around this time. I haven't started my Christmas shopping but I'm determined to have it finished before the kids finish school on the 9th December. I still have a few birthdays to shop for in between too.

I think the decorated plain glasses case sounds like a good idea too.

Tracy said...

I think you're on to something with the glasses case. I think pretty tissue paper and PVA glue could be a way to tackle it too. My Mum, who knows everything about all things crafty will be able to point me in the right direction!


Tracy, your kids finish early. I finish school on the 16th and the kids finish the day before. Kinda wish we could finish the Friday of the week before. That would be nice.

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Rel said...

Christmas shopping ~ zero

13th Birthday girl shopping ~ zero

Mum ~ panicking!

Tracy said...

Must confess to some panicking myself Rel. I've been VERY slow on the whole shopping thing.

You've got a good excuse though, after the week you've had.