Friday, 26 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to those Over the Sea

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate the day!

I've been giving a little bit of thought to the idea of Thanksgiving Day.  Aussies don't celebrate Thanksgiving.  Not to say that we're an unappreciative bunch who are not grateful for the blessings we enjoy.  It's just that Thanksgiving in a quintessentially American tradition.  We have different traditions and things that we celebrate. The idea of setting aside a day to really consider all that we have to give thanks for, is incredibly appealing.  Even for one, like me, who has a bit of an objection to taking on the traditions of another country or culture.  

I mentioned this to my kids this morning.  I made the observation that if we were in the US we would have finished eating lunch and would've been enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, stuffed full of good and yummy things.  It is good to remind ourselves that all of life is not about the bleak things we may be facing, or the busyness that this time of year brings.  It is good to really focus on the blessings that we enjoy and the fact that we live in a country where we have access to all kinds of things that make life good.  Healthy food, good water and hygiene, medical resources, education, homes....the list goes on and on.

Tonight we have two extra kids staying over.  The younger one requested roast pork for dinner.  So once we get home from a little choir thingy for the two older girls in the house I'll be getting the table set nicely.  I'll get things going for a pumpkin pie...because I love pumpkin pie and what better excuse?!  We don't have a day off work and school and I don't think we should (because we're Aussies), but we should remember to thank God for the way He cares for us.

On a side note, I think I just figured out what to say for my staff devotions on Thursday morning.  Another thing to give thanks for!


Rita said...

I sometimes wonder what draws me to the Aussie blogs. I find I have more and more of them in my reader and look forward to the posts. Maybe the people are more down to earth or have a kind way of expressing themselves. Not sure. I only know their blogs bring me joy.

Tracy said...

Welcome Rita. I think Aussies are pretty nice people...but then I'm pretty biased :)

One thing I learned in a new way on our trip a few months back is that we have a lot to learn from the Americans but the reverse is also true. It's good to appreciate what each does well and to take something from that to apply in our own lives.