Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Of Panzanella

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A little Nigella wisdom in relation to this Italian bread salad.  The last sentence is true of bread, no matter what use you intend to put it to.

"...and very useful it was too for finding a happy end to the brief life of that strangely unsalted, blink-and-it's-stale bread.  But then, as anyone who has ever made their own bread (even once) knows, the fact that store-bought bread doesn't stale quickly is just plain spooky."

Nigella Lawson:  Nigella Kitchen:  Recipes from the Heart of the Home p148

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

As a woman who just baked a loaf of bread, I find this both inspiring and a reminder that we better eat that bread quickly!

I love bread salad in the summer when the tomatoes are at their best.