Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mini Adventures

This arrived on my bench on Thursday afternoon.  I can't tell you how excited I  Unfortunately for me, it arrived at a time when my brother was visiting and not long enough before I had to pick up my kids.  I would have put it straight into action, but for the time.  Between picking up kids and having two little nieces arrive for a 'sleepover' I made a double batch of chocolate chip bikkies.  Oh wow!!!  That machine didn't even blink at the heavy dough.  It just whirred away doing what it was designed to do, with perfect ease.

Our next adventure:  Shopping with a 5yo and 7yo.  "Can you buy this?" was the cry of the evening.  Even after I pointed out that they would never get to consume whatever they were asking for!  Apparently I am a very funny person.  I didn't know it until Thursday night.  There were a number of giggles and snickers around me as I dealt with two little grocery shop muppet-style monsters (ie, the cute variety).  Strangely, I was completely unphased by their antics.  My own children have been known to drive me mental!  And Mr Busy stepped up into 'responsible older cousin' mode and was a great help with hand-holding while crossing roads and walking through a busy mall.  A pleasure to behold!

Our next adventure will be a trip to the airport this morning to welcome home Dh's brother and his family after seven years of living overseas.  The kids are very excited about having their cousins back and at a closer range for plays and sleepovers.  I'm looking forward to seeing how a short-distance relationship unfolds for them, as these are the cousins they are closest to in age and enjoyment of activities.

Of course, more baking must be on my horizon for today.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So happy your mixer finally got there! How exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing your adventures with it. I've been using mine for making bread lately--it's so convenient for kneading. I'm really looking forward to getting the pasta attachment (for Xmas, I hope). Oh, the many joys of a KitchenAide!


Tracy said...

I can't wait to hear about your pasta escapades...if indeed you become the new owner of the desired attachment.