Thursday, 28 October 2010

Long Lazy Weekends

In Melbourne, we are headed into a bit of a strange long weekend.  On Tuesday, the Melbourne Cup race is held, and the city takes the day off.  But what to do with Monday?  It's not officially a holiday, unless you have very wise and sensitive bosses.  In Our School, there is an acknowledgment that very few children are at school that Monday and we should just close.  Ahh the blessings of being independent of the State!

So....four long, glorious days of relaxing.  What should we do?



Spend time with friends...nibbling on yummy things!

And whatever else may take your fancy!  I'm hoping like crazy that my new Nigella cookbooks arrive tomorrow morning so that I can spend an entire long weekend with them!


anita said...

Hope you enjoy your long weekend! If your wanting to see a cool quilt show for free. My church is having one. 60 cavehill road lilydale. 10-4 on saturday. see you soon

Tracy said...

That sounds fabulous!

magsmcc said...

Hello there, Tracy on the other side of the world. My boys are fascinated by your side of the world. We often discuss the wonder of day here, night there and vice vresa. Anyway, enough of my usual blether as we say here in the frozen North, I have just read your comment on non-comments chez Left-handed Housewife and just thought I would comment. Though I am also enchanted. But please tell me you're not actually making mince pies yet?

Left-Handed Housewife said...

If you spend the weekend with Nigella, I expect to see lots of pictures of wonderful dishes come Wednesday! We have a long weekend this weekend (Friday off), and I'm looking forward mostly to sleeping in. It's Will's birthday weekend, complete with sleepover, cookout, and trick-or-treating, so I probably won't get much reading or sewing done, but who knows? I just might surprise myself!


Tracy said...

Welcome Magsmcc! No, I merely clicked on photos already used on this blog...that one just looked yummy. Don't get too worried just yet LOL.

Oh yes Frances. Lots of cooking plans to be made! I'm sure you'll see lots of yummy things to come. Sounds like a busy weekend for you. Maybe some sewing when little people are finally at rest?