Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hi-Tech Cooking

Hi-Tech Recipe Book

As noted in my menu plan yesterday, last night was Char Kway Teow night.  The only place I have the recipe recorded is on the laptop ~ both online and on my hard drive.  So...what is a girl to do, but sit it on the bench?  Did you ever, as a child, think that you would be cooking from a computer, rather than from a book?  I'm sure I didn't.  Even back 25 years when KITT (from Knight Rider) was ultra futuristic and capable of doing all sorts of magnificent unimaginable things, and we had Atari's and Commmodore 64's did I think this day would come.  But it has. 

I still have a thing for hardcover recipes books.  No computer can come close.

 Char Kway Teow ~ the photo just doesn't do it justice!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I sometimes cook from my computer, too. How New Age! And no, it's not what I'd ever imagined I'd be doing. Of course, for a long time, before marriage forced me in front of a stove, I didn't think about cooking much at all ...


Tracy said...

Life forces things out of us in kinds of ways, doesn't it!

Rel said...

I do it all the time from taste.com.au :)

I've posted another of your reviews - you are a star!

Tracy said...

You way more 'techie' than me Rel!

You've saved me from another post-free day!!!!!!