Monday, 4 October 2010

Monday Menu Planning: Week Beginning 4 October

First day back at school and my brain is swimming in all kinds of overwhelming thoughts.  How to engage and inspire Gen Y was the topic for the day.  The speaker did an excellent job as she shared 10 steps to doing this effectively.  Not all of what she said was agreed to by those who know better than I.  Still.  We were encouraged to find the heroes, extremophiles and strange leaders amongst ourselves and our students and encourage them to fulfill all they can possibly be in the interest of positive change in our world.  We talked about what that looks like in our own school context, and still have much to consider.  Tomorrow will be an opportunity to put some of that into practise, I think, as staff meet in smaller groups and prepare for the term ahead.

Not to set aside all that today has brought with it, but rather providing time to process, I'm about to start dinner.  Perhaps in the natural rhythm of the ordinary I'll be able to grasp something tangible.  Something that I can engage in, in my role with my students.

As far as the 'ordinary' goes, beyond my picket fence this week, you will find meals such as these:

Monday:  Bacon wrapped chicken, vegies
Tuesday:  Lasagna...perhaps with salad!
Wednesday:  Quiche, vegies
Thursday:  Singapore noodles
Friday:  Roast chicken
Saturday:  Soup.  maybe chicken noodle
Sunday:  BBQ'd chicken wings & rissoles, salad


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I like the phrase "the natural rhythm of ordinary life." I bet you'll find a way to engage.

I just can't believe you're back to school already!


Tracy said...

Me either Frances. I'm not bored at home can't be time to return!