Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday's Menu Plan: Week Beginning Yesterday!

Yesterday happened in a bit of a blur, I think.  Well it must have, because I didn't get to think much, about sitting at a computer.  Indeed, by lunch time I felt like I'd worked a whole day and then some.  Such is the way of things when you work with children on the Autism Spectrum.  Last week it was one student's difficulties and this week it's another's.  At least they weren't challenging at the same time!

This week's menu is looking thus:

Monday:  Creamy bacon & mushroom pasta
Tuesday:  Meat Pies for the 'men', soup for me.  The girls will be elsewhere.
Wednesday:  Chicken wonton soup
Thursday:  Chicken coq au vin (from the freezer), rice.  Me...out at a work function
Friday:  Sloppy Joe's, salad if we're lucky
Saturday:  Honey soy chicken, rice, stir fried vegies
Sunday:  Roast chicken, vegies

I feel like this week is going to be completely flat out with a couple of evenings out and the anticipation that surrounds the arrival of a new toy for me.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

A new toy? Do we know what it is?


Tracy said...

Shhhh....it's a KitchenAid mixer. I'm impatiently waiting for it to arrive!