Friday, 18 September 2009

Spring into ... all kinds of things!

Don't get me wrong ~ I adore the rain. I read somewhere recently that you know you're a missionary kid when you love going to sleep to the sound of rain on a tin roof. That describes me perfectly. However, as wonderful as the rain is, particularly in our dry country, there is just something about the warmth of Spring sunshine that simply makes you feel happy. The bubbly kind of 'everything is OK with the world' sort of happy. So today, we're being blessed with happy sunshine after a day of pouring rain. How blessed we are!

We've enjoyed hearing wonderful things about our children in our Parent/Teacher Interviews. There are, as always, a couple of little things to be aware of. Overall, I'm very happy with where our children are at, both academically and personally in their attitudes to school and school work.

Of course, you can't go to school and play with other children while your parents are busy, without a few little schemes afoot. And so it is, that we brought home one of Miss Mischief's friends. She happens to be the Principal's daughter and is an absolutely beautiful young lady. Unfortunately I need to return her at the end of the day. All four of the kids are outside playing.

Finally, after many weeks, the sunshine (and a bit of free time!) has inspired a new desire to prepare something fresh and yummy. Of course, having an unexpected guest for lunch probably had something to do with that as well! We bought some kabana on our way home from school and sliced it into a yummy fresh garden salad and had little potato fritters to go with it. Four happy children makes for a very easy afternoon!

To make the fritters, all I did was peel and grate some potatoes. I heated some oil in my frypay and I put little piles of potato into the hot oil. When they look like they're going golden on the bottom you turn them over until they colour up nicely again. Then I put them onto a preheated tray and into the oven to keep warm while I continue with the rest of the potato, until you're ready to serve.

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Joy McD said...

Ah, so that is why I love the sound of rain on the roof :) I knew there was a reason!
Have a great two weeks of school holidays Tracy! Hope you get some sewing or stitching in!