Thursday, 17 September 2009

Last Day....

Oh what a day! It's our last day of 3rd term here (last day at our school anyway). What a day we had today. The Prep/1's had an alphabet party because we've finished learning single sounds. Actually we finished quite a number of weeks ago, but an end of term party works very well. We had lots of yummy food and plenty of grown up visitors from around the school. The Office ladies bought 'O' food hehehe. Then I slipped into Year 3 and joined their party as well....because... well, did you know that food is full of maths!?!

I ended my sugar-rush with a lunch of soup leftover from last night. And I only had two small items that were sweet!!!!!! Very sad indeed.

We have parent/teacher interviews to enjoy tomorrow morning and then we'll be into some serious holiday relaxing. Who knows, I might sleep in past 6am! I might even convince myself that I need to start walking a lot.

For now....dinner, Girl's Brigade and some birthday shopping for a certain nearly-12yo girl.

And some ibuprofen for the post-sugar-headache!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Enjoy your holiday, Tracy! You've earned your rest. Here's hoping you sleep in until at least 6:30.


Rel said...

8 more sleeps!!!

Tracy said...

No such luck Frances...but I did drift off at 10pm, so I guess I can't complain about 7 hours, can I?!

I'll still be around for most of the holidays. Who knows, it might be good for my blog LOL.

As of this morning it's only 7 :)