Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Best Mouse is a Dead Mouse

As you would have seen in my last post I'm not terribly afraid of mice. I get very ticked off though, when I discover them in MY space. As far as I am concerned they are very much an uninvited intruder in my house.

Last night I was sitting quietly watching 'You've Got Mail' (I love Meg Ryan!) when I saw the flicker of a little fuzzy body peek out and run back behind the TV cabinet. I set a trap at each end of the cabinet. There is no other way out, so one way or another I was 100% sure of catching it. Twenty minutes later, a trap was sprung and a mouse was caught...and dead. Dh was out last night, so I SMS'd him to let him know that I wished to share my excitement with him....and the mouse would be awaiting his return so that he could dispose of the little body.

I got up this morning....the body was gone :)

There must have been only the one mouse, as the other trap is still happily waiting to devour whatever crosses its path. Must put mouse traps on the shopping list. You always want to be able to set one the minute you know you need to. The idea of waiting until tomorrow and the mouse have an opportunity to crawl over your kitchen benches simply doesn't bear thinking about! That just makes me crankier!

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belinda said...

Absolutely with you on this score..

Nothing quite like a mouse in the house to make me disinfect everything that might have touched a bench.

Kind Regards