Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Move Over Menu Plans

I've decided it would be more practical to post my menu plan on Thursday or Friday. More likely Friday, because I have a bit more time! I shop on Thursday and am often finalising my weekly plan that morning before I run out the door to work. My printer isn't doing very well, so I haven't even printed out a September calendar page yet! Must put that on my to-do list at school tomorrow!

* * * * * * * * *

My week has been yet again far removed from what I expected. Today I spent a lesson preparing work to send home to my Prep student, who is again unwell. I also had my two lessons off and finished up all that I needed to complete and print so I can send off my current two subjects for marking. I'm hoping I'll have my next four subjects in hand by the holidays so I can get that well on the way over the holidays....which arrive at the end of next week.

* * * * * * * * *

My dishwasher saga is almost over. The Little Mr Fix-It Man came out on Monday and quoted the full cost of the repair. For $120 more we can have a new model with 2 year warranty. Given that our current machine is 11yrs old and the Mr Fix-It Man advises we're at the point where water pumps and such begin to go, he thought we should consider our options.

I have the new one in the front lounge room awaiting Dh to have a moment to pull the old one out, connect up the new one and shove it back in the hole.


Linda said...

I shop on Thursday too. I come home and put the meat into my post and work from there, then publish it on my Simply Living Modestly blog.

Rel said...

Well, our dishwasher saga has begun! Last night we had the plumber over to fix our hot water service as the pilot light kept going out and I'm not such a fan of either lukewarm or the other variety, cold, showers.

Tonight, I went to put on the very full dishwasher to find it won't work. Given ours is 18 years old and already repaired twice, I'm thinking we will be washing our dishes for a while too :(

Jodie said...

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Joy McD said...

A new dishwasher is great!!! In fact, any working dishwasher is great :) I am so thankful for mine!

Tracy said...

I think I'll be waiting a number of days for Dh to install it, but yes, the new dishwasher looks very pretty. I'm very excited that we're nearly there and not two months off!

Rel, I ache and groan for you! Miss Mischief mentioned the other day "isn't the HWS the only thing that hasn't gone?"...I told her to shoosh, and don't let the contraption hear you or it'll go on us as well!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So glad to hear your dishwasher issues have been resolved. My dw is the only appliance we have that I don't wish would break in such a way we'd have to get a new one ... which means it will be the first to go!