Friday, 25 September 2009

Miss Sunshine Has Homework

Miss Sunshine had some homework set for her to be completed over the holidays. She had to plan a menu with the 'Healthy Food Pyramid' in mind and then cook the meal, herself. I must say, she did a marvellous job of the entire project and we were the very fortunate guinea pigs in this little experiment!

The menu was stir fried chicken with noodles and apple crumble with cream for dessert. She spat the dummy at me for a brief moment when I informed her that egg noodles were made from wheat and beef rump was too expensive and suggested the change to chicken and rice noodles. Once she took a few moments to think about it, she was fine and continued with gusto. She also made the apple crumble with gluten free flour. She and I have very happy little bodies today LOL.

She went around the table and asked for a mark out of 9 and then a mark out of 10 for each course. Unfortunately for her, the stir fry recipe did not have the saltiness that an authentic Asian recipe would and so I took a little off for that...and made sure she knew it was not her fault, as she had performed beautifully. Once I added sweet soy sauce to my bowl, it was perfect.

I think I'll have to put this one down on my menu plan far more often. It was really really good!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Congrats to Miss Sunshine! I love it when the kids cook and their efforts work out. More incentive for them to cook more meals while I sit around filing my nails!