Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Monday Menus...on Tuesday

Yesterday's excursion was a great success. My young Prep boy and his siblings in those year levels weren't there, so the day was quite different than I had anticipated it might have been. The highlight for me, was that all the children who had been really worried about catching the boat simply hopped on. It was no different than hopping on to a train so they didn't worry. It was a ferry with windows all around and completely enclosed so the ones who thought they might fall out simply couldn't.

As with days like that, I came home quite tired. Rather than doing a number of things I thought I was going to, I ended up dealing with Miss Sunshine and some Maths issues, after a phone call from her maths teacher. I've suggested, to her, that she take up the opportunity for the maths tutoring class on Monday afternoon ~ goodness knows I have some things sitting in my pigeon hole waiting for me to have a moment to get to them. I think it might improve what has become a bit of a personality clash.

And...because of a-a-l-l-l-l-l that, I've yet to complete this week's menu plan. And, quite frankly, I'm a bit beyond caring too much, which is possibly an aftereffect of not sleeping well.

Monday: Pasta Bolognaise
Tuesday: Ugh, that's today and I'm not sure ~ the girls are out
Wednesday: Bacon Wrapped Chicken, potatoes, vegies
Thursday: CP meal, lamb something or other
Friday: Forbidden City Chicken, potatoes, vegies
What the weekend holds? Who knows. Perhaps a repeat of what I'd intended last weekend, that never happened.

I've linked to a Forbidden City Chicken recipe. I halve the quantity of the sauce ingredients and top the 3/4 cup up with water, otherwise it's a bit strong....and I don't use the butter at all, or the tabasco sauce. It just doesn't need that much heat!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've noticed that you all don't eat much red meat. Is that for health reasons? Economic? Oddly, after years of restricting red meat in our diets, I've been using more of it, especially since Jack likes it. But now I worry that we're eating too much. Oh, so many things to worry about ...

Tracy said...

Red meat is incredibly expensive here ~ $12-15/kg. Chicken OTOH is more like $4/kg. I never buy steak! If we have beef it's almost always minced meant and I can often find cheaper cuts of lamb that are less than $10/kg. Other than economics I'm just not really great on what to do with steak. Chicken is way more versatile.