Monday, 6 June 2011

Monday Menu Planning: Week Beginning 6 June

I am taking it a little bit easy this morning, before heading off for an exam.  I'm more nervous, actually, about getting in to the city, finding the place and parking than I am about the exam itself.  There's something quite overwhelming about doing it all on your own when it's a little bit unfamiliar.

After gaining a freezer drawer full of beef last week, I am leaving some space to find new things to do.  We don't normally eat a lot of beef, simply because of the cost, so this will no doubt take us on a bit of an adventure.  At this point the plan is:

Monday:  Beef stir fry
Tuesday:  Forbidden city chicken, vegies
Wednesday:  Maybe some Nigella inspiration will befall me
Thursday:  Vegie soup (using the crockpot)
Friday:  leftover meatloaf, vegies
Saturday & Sunday:  It's a long weekend; my brother is moving house.  Best to leave this flexible I think!


Kimmie said...

Good luck~!

joolzmac said...

Don't ya love Google? I googled Forbidden City Chicken and found the recipe. It soulds really good so that will be on the menu one night this week.

Cheers - Joolz