Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Good News

I received lots of exciting bits and pieces tonight when I got home.  My "Diary of a Womat" and "Diary of a Baby Wombat" books by Jackie French arrived.  As did some of my textbooks.  I also received my exam results and have passed well.  So I know I've passed that subject.  When Miss Sunshine came home yesterday upset about one her own exam results I began to wonder if I might've been off-track too.  But no.  All is well.

As well as all that good news I've had another great day.  I spent some time with a Yr3 boy to try and get him up to speed on a project assignment that he'd missed some time on at school.  He's a lovely kid...not quick to get started on his work, but quite willing to get into it with a little bit of encouragement.  Perhaps he's one of those kinds of people that are overwhelmed by the "blank page".  In any case, I enjoyed working with him.  I also got to 'umpire' a half-court game of basketball for the Yr 3/4's.  They were great at sharing around who would take a ball-up or a throw-in.  The winners didn't gloat and the losers didn't sook.  They're beautiful.

Tomorrow I teach my first lesson.  The Yr 3's and Mathletics.  I think it's very amusing that a small group constitutes a whole year level at this school.  On Thursday I think the plan is for me to teach a lesson for the whole class.  So I'm off to write a lesson plan.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

That's exciting! All of it is exciting! I got two results today a CR and DN - happy with that!

xo I'm off sick at the moment - might make it in by Thursday! xx

Tracy said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're so sick Rach. Such bad timing! But a CR and a DN....I hope that lifts your spirits when you're feeling yucky! Well done you!

And get better.

Jodie said...

Well done Tracy! You are doing so well at this mothering, working, studying thing! You inspire me greatly! Glad you're enjoying your placement, they are very blessed to have you. Jodie xx

Tracy said...

Thank you Jodie :)